Since being released from Tanah Merah Prison on July 3rd 1999, I have pursued an active involvement in the after-dinner and conference speaking market. Almost eighteen years later, my workload is as busy as when I first started. Key note addresses at conferences now possibly outweigh those of an after-dinner nature but much depends on the aims and objectives of the event as well as the size of audience that you are catering for.

The subject of the collapse of Barings remains the backbone of many of my talks but the scope of the subject matter that I talk about has broadened significantly since those first talks. Many of the systemic threats that existed during my time at Barings are still very much threats to business to day but also many of the personal choices that I made are challenges that people find in everyday life in trying to make the right decision.

I remain fully responsible for the collapse of the bank and never try to shirk my responsibility for what will always be the most embarrassing period of my life. But I am happy with the way that I have taken those negative experiences, examined them and used them to direct individuals and organisations since that time. Compliance, Governance and Risk Management are never the easiest to attract an audience, either internally or externally but attaching a real-life story is one way to grab the attention. Many organisations, not just banks are now doing this.

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