“I lost count of the number of people who have told me how much they enjoyed your speech earlier this week at the Finance Leaders day at IBM Business Connect 2016. Your story is a fascinating one and you make it very easy for your audience to imagine themselves in your shoes: there but for the grace of God goes many an unsuspecting person, I think. Your contribution to the day was even more powerful than I had expected and the audience were engaged in a way that I have rarely seen at similar events.”

Paul Campion, IBM

“Our compliance day was extremely well received and having Nick as the external speaker really did add the buzz we wanted to the day. His presentation was great as expected and he covered the areas on our brief perfectly! His style of delivery was informative and humorous and plenty of questions at the end!”

Diageo UK

“Nick was exceptional and I will be honest a few from our membership were unsure why we were having him given his past. He blew the crowd away and it was only a shame there had not been more time for questions.”

Fiona Mackay, Director and Member Engagement – ICAS

“Nick Leeson spoke very openly and candidly about his experiences which made him very likeable. I watched the delegates when he was speaking and he totally captured everyone’s attention. It was also great for Nick to take questions from the floor – you never quite know what you’re going to get. Really good job!”

RSA Conference Europe

“Once again, I wanted to thank Nick Leeson for coming to speak at our Financial Services Away-Day. Speaking to my colleagues afterwards, they all enjoyed his very timely observations about the continued challenges of risk management at many leading financial institutions. Nick Leeson’s talk also fitted in very well with our own internal discussions about how we can best help our clients in these times of economic uncertainty.”

Tim Roberts, Director — McKinsey & Company

“Nick Leeson provided the keynote talk at our Risky Business Summit event in Dublin. The feedback on Nick from our attendees was universally excellent. He covered key themes that included; risk, compliance, transparency and his perception on the world of regulation as it stands in 2015. Nick had obviously spent a good amount of time in preparing for the event and understood our solutions, the audience, the key themes we wanted to cover, and was eager to ask a number of questions that would allow him to optimise his involvement. I would definitely recommend Nick (and in fact already have!) without hesitation. Great job!”

Kate Owen, Thomson Reuters

“Nick Leeson was excellent on the day, very frank, open and honest and allowed for a substantial Q&A session which was very well received at the event. We would have no hesitation in recommending Nick to other organisations such as ourselves.”

Elaine Maher, Irish Brokers Association

“There was some doubt within our organization if we had made the right choice with Nick Leeson speaking at our client event. However in short – Nick has evaporated all that doubt and his speech was very well received, by our clients as well as SimCorpers. His messages were spot-on for the theme of the conference. And internally: ‘Picking Nick Leeson as a keynote speaker was a bold move from the marketing team and one that paid off. He talked to a standing room only audience, was very honest and left us all with something to think about around compliance and risk.’ Please thank Nick for making a difference to this year’s conference.”

Barbara Hennekens, Head of Corporate Marketing — SimCorp A/S

“Nick Leeson was an excellent speaker. A story told in such a humble way, honest and to the point. A real insight into how things can go drastically wrong and the resulting consequences.”

Steve Coates, Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited

“Thank you for coming to speak to us at our first ever Business Show. The minute you stood on the stage and started to speak, the audience was gripped. The life story which you had to tell us was a remarkable one and contained everything a Hollywood film would have. The connection you made was instant, which is not something easily accomplished.”

Lisa Cameron, SWW Media.

“Nick Leeson gave one of the most interesting and thought-provoking talks of the weekend with his personal account of how he brought the UK’s oldest investment bank, Barings Bank to collapse through his fraudulent speculation.”

Warwick Economics Summit

“We found Mr Leeson to be an excellent speaker, who added to the quality and debate of our event, delivering on all promises especially on his openness and willingness to field all manner of questions from our audience of auditors and fraud investigators.”

Sara Hook, MIS Training

“Nick Leeson was informative, engaging and entertaining! He has an amazing story to tell and does a very good job of telling it. Not only that, Nick goes the extra mile and spent a lot of time with our guests before and after the event, He was great value for money”.

Neil Grimshaw, British Insurance Brokers Association.

“Nick Leeson was very good for us. His subject matter was an excellent fit and he was a strong draw for our attendees. His presentation was factual, honest and compelling. I observed that the audience was truly interested in what he had to say. There didn’t seem to be any negative sentiment towards him or his prior actions. Nick also participated in a journalist interview from the Daily Telegraph. He was flexible and agreeable and the reporter seemed happy with the outcome. All in all, it was a successful day for Courion and Nick was instrumental in making that happen.”

Doug Mow, Chief Marketing Officer — Courion Corporation
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